Live Flight

Let me say first – this is a non-violent demonstration. I have no intention of hurting anyone – I have taken every precaution to prevent any injury to anyone, including me. There is no way I can prevent over-reaction by the authorities, but I have given them as much information and advance warning as my fuel supply allows. When I took off, I was over an hour away from the no-fly zone.

The demonstration is about restoring democracy. Corruption in Washington DC has robbed the US citizens of the representative government that is our birthright. Polls show that the public is aware of the problem and VERY concerned, but they are largely uninformed that there is a solution and there are organizations prepared to make reform a reality.
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As a result of this flight, two things will happen. (I hope.) First, we’re going to change the narrative – the story. Voters are going to quit being played like suckers with divisive hot-button issues and come together on a single issue. Honest government. Congress won’t start working for you or me when their big paycheck is from big business. Lobbyists, Special Interests, Unions. We have to make this happen. The political parties won’t. Congress sure won’t. Lobbyists love the status quo. The mainstream media (not the local media) is making a financial killing with mega-elections. It’s up to us.

Second, in every Congressional race in 2016, I want every candidate to take a stand on corruption. After this flight, we’re going to define exactly what reform means – set a written standard – and it’s that standard which candidates will have to endorse. Or the candidate will have to defend to voters why he took a lesser position. The candidate who only wants to talk ‘reform’ but won’t endorse the real deal will be facing someone who will endorse real reform. That may be in the primary or the general election. Giving you a choice is our job. The clear choice, establishment or reform, will be in place in just a year for just over 460 congressional races. You get to choose (That’s your job as a voter.) but for the first time in decades, you will have a meaningful choice.

What do I want from you? Look over your options on the previous screen or the ‘Honor Roll’ on the sidebar to the right. Rootstrikers or Wolf PAC or Represent.US. My favorite group isn’t listed there – it’s my own startup group:The Civilist Papers‘. Find a group (or groups) that you are comfortable with and sign up. We’re not after money – we want to know who you are and where you are so we can keep you informed.