Your Pilot

I’m not very interested in writing about myself. The point of the flight is to spotlight corruption in DC and more importantly, to present the solution(s) to the institutional graft. There will be apprehension about the threat posed by any aircraft that defies the no-fly zone. I’m as curious as anyone what the response will be. Maybe more. The only reason I’m writing about me is to dispel any fear and foster some curiosity. Curiosity may hold an audience of voters long enough for them to hear about solutions to a problem they despaired of solving years ago. Let me assure you, as I have informed the authorities, I have no violent inclinations or intent. An ultralight aircraft poses no major physical threat – it may present a political threat to graft. I hope so. There’s no need to worry – I’m just delivering the mail.

This isn’t my regular route. I’m a mailman in Riverview, FL – near Tampa. I’m 61 years old, married, with four children. I flew with my father who was a private pilot, fixed wing and almost helicopter. I’ve been flying gyrocopters for over a year.

I grew up in Santa Cruz, CA – at that time, a small coastal community about 70 miles south of San Francisco. It’s still 70 miles south of SF, but surrendered its small status decades ago. My first job was at the McDonalds on Mission Street in the old days before frozen fries. Some won’t believe this, but at one time McD’s made fries from spuds and mixed shakes on spindles. The Big Mac was 59 cents.

I joined the Navy after High School – served on the USS Enterprise CVA(N)-65. My ‘shop’ worked on the catapults and aircraft elevators – I was an electrician. The ‘Big E’ was decommissioned last year after 50 years service. (Hat tip to my former shipmates) I was on board and offshore for the evacuation of Saigon. (Look up Saigon, kids) The Navy taught me a lot about leadership, mostly how it shouldn’t be done. (With a few exceptions like CWO Bosun Andreson)

After the Navy, I got into restaurant management, which is one way to work a lot of hours without banking any OT pay. It’s good work if you like people and I do. I won’t do corporate name dropping, but I worked fast food to steak houses in northern CA and up to Washington state. I could see Mount St. Helens from one of my stores and missed the eruption by a year. When I left CA, I missed the Loma Prieta earthquake by a short time and I left NC for Florida just after Hurricane Fran hit Raleigh. (Trust me Florida, you don’t want me to move.)

While I was in North Carolina, I used my GI bill college benefit and worked in computers for a time. I married in NC – we had three kids and I’m proud of all of them. At one point I was a Senior Systems Analyst for the American Board of Pediatrics in Chapel Hill, NC. Work and my marriage and a lot of things came undone all at once. Thos of you who have hit the ‘reset’ button on your lives know how it feels. Kudos to my X and an honorable mention to Mark, the stepdad who did right by my sons. I wasn’t totally absent, and I’m proud to have participated in my kids upbringing.

Post divorce, I moved to Florida and eventually remarried. My wife is a wonderful and supportive person – we have an 11 YO daughter and a dog who thinks she’s human. So far, I haven’t clobbered anyone who thinks I’m Kathy’s grandfather. Which by the way I am, twice. (Grandfather, I mean) My son in Orlando has a daughter and my older daughter in Roanoke is a mother.

I’ve been a mailman in FL for 11 years. I have to invoke the Thumper Policy when asked about the USPS. However, it was through work that I met Mike Shanahan.

Mike developed and wrote up a political concept called Civilism and we started talking at his place over beer. Unlike the typical bull session which consumes a couple of hours and a 6-pack (or two), the discussion started with his specific written ideas which we honed into four short articles called ‘The Civilist Papers’. The essays are an action plan, not to make the country more liberal or more conservative, but to restore democracy – rule by the majority.

Mike once suggested that we send a copy of ‘The Civilist Papers’ via certified snail mail to every member of Congress. The problem is that Congress loves the individual benefits of corruption and (generally) has no intention of changing damn thing. The idea was a good one – the trick was a method of delivery which made the problem and the solution so clear and the principle so politically volatile that no member of Congress (or candidate) could avoid taking a stand.

Our journey with ‘The Civilist Papers’ introduced us to the greater movement. We went in hock to attend a conference in San Francisco (We drove 6000 miles – Mike hates flying.) where the leadership of the reform groups (see the menu on the right) spoke and answered questions. These groups aren’t run by mailmen – the leadership includes a Harvard scholar, an internet media icon, a republican former governor of Louisiana, and a former head of the Federal Election Commission. In terms of leadership, these guys are the real deal. They know the subject and they’re committed to real answers..

Our ‘launch’ of our ‘The Civilist Papers’ never launched – we lacked funding, media savvy, technical know-how (social networking is a science) and lacked anything remotely resembling credentials. I was delighted that ‘our side’ (reformists) was represented by a team that had everything we lacked. If leaving the field that we never really occupied was a disappointment, there was satisfaction that Mike and I had arrived at conclusions so similar to the gospel this esteemed group was preaching. Since I’m on their mailing lists, I can tell you there’s not a drumbeat for donations – though they will accept financial support.

Over the last year, I’ve observed the strategy and techniques being employed by the reform groups. They are operating straight out of the playbook – social networking, blog articles, email drops, activities to draw attention to the group objectives. There were two things, two essential things, lacking however – media coverage and explosive growth.

This is purely opinion – I think the reform movement is in a race against forces who will try to impose their vision on you and me by violent revolution and domestic terrorism. Under normal circumstances, the American public would straighten out the situation in DC by themselves – but the overwhelming tide of distrust for government institutions is fueling sympathy for violent change from citizens who don’t know – non-violent reform is an option! Real reform has to be catapulted to the forefront of public consciousness as a defining principle more critical than any partisan issue in order to prevent random violence among us – to be followed by repressive reactions of a frightened government.

You may disagree, believing that the government has everything under control with your best interests at heart – or you may think that a little violence is the gateway to utopia which won’t be hijacked by extreme elements waiting in the wings. Proof of my hypothesis requires a nightmare to come true – I don’t want to be right. End opinion.

Congress has an approval rating at record lows, and concern about government corruption is at record highs. Groups with credible leadership and well-developed plans for reform should be as popular as free ice cream in Miami in August. I’m convinced that the issue of Congressional reform is black-listed by the corporate (network & cable news) media. The reason is pretty obvious if you think about it.

Elections have only become more expensive and it’s the media who gets the lion’s share of that cash. (Campaign commercials, dude. Networks sell ad time to campaigns for top dollar.) The Big Mac costs four times as much as in 1970 – the average cost of running for Congress is fifteen times what it cost in 1970. And the price tag for a seat in congress is rising as recent rulings allow unlimited corporate cash to flood elections and drown your voice.

Any real examination of corruption in Washington will lead to an examination of campaign finance – and reform will threaten the orgy of unlimited campaign cash that campaigns dump like a drunken sailor on an overnight pass with a month’s pay burning a hole in his pocket. If the candidate is the drunken sailor in this metaphor, the networks stand under a streetlamp in high heels and a short skirt. Not wanting to risk a few (hundred) million in profits, the networks keep pushing Grumpy Cat and the Kardashians – with hardly a minute of air time to discuss the true situation in Washington.

The situation, as I see it, is this

1) a sold-out Congress
2) a network of corporate clients and lobbyists prepared to generously reward Congres-critters who vote as they are sold told.
3) the network and cable media, who should be the safety valve in a functioning democracy, but is fully enlisted in the scheme.

Think about that summary and decide if you are willing to make honesty in government the top item on your list of political priorities. If you are a non-political person, it will be a short list. :) If you are political, nothing on your list is likely to see progress while corruption flourishes. If you agree, sign up with any group listed to the right – stay informed and act according to your informed conscience. Total cost – a few minutes per year for a few years and an honest government of the people will result! I’m talking about a small fraction of the time you spend on fantasy football or the World Series or ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or the fall fashion catalog. We need a low level of engagement from a LARGE number of people.

There’s a distinguished assembly of reform groups with concrete plans but there’s also a conspiracy to keep those groups unknown to the disgruntled voters across the political spectrum. The idea of real democracy has universal support, from the Tea Party to progressives. There is also universal opposition, both parties, Wall Street, almost all elected officials, the election industry, the media.. I think the Girl Scouts is one of the few organizations unopposed. However voters still have the upper hand – when they figure that out, they are invincible. ‘Establishment’ politicians and sold-out talking heads will do anything to keep you from comparing notes with the ‘other side’. The hyper-partisan divide is a strategy to maintain bi-partisan corruption. Don’t fall for it.

IMO, anybody in politics or the news media who want to spend inordinate amounts of time talking about me is avoiding the real discussion – which is about Congress. “It’s not about me.” is a truism more true about an old mailman from Florida that it’s ever been about anyone. There are concrete plans for reform and great communicators available and I’ve linked to them from this site. Let’s keep the discussion focused on reform – not me – I’m just delivering the mail.

274 Responses to Your Pilot

  1. KC says:

    Totally agree ‘mailman’ !

    Lets force the Congress to make place for real democracy….

    We’ve had enough crisis, war and corruption…… time to make a step forward !

  2. Les says:

    Your message is Smack On The Nailhead.
    I believe your efforts will get more traction as we all come to feel the pain much more acutely…and that time is rapidly approaching more a matter of months rather than years.
    And, the bigger the chorus reciting the message the more likely it will be responded to.
    Thank you for your efforts!!!

  3. TurkeyBurgers says:

    People do not want to change the system. The majority of people love the system. The only thing they want to change is their place in the system. They want to be the ones hoarding vast sums of wealth and power. Having slaves and subjects under them to serve them. That is the true American dream. If you claim anything else you are acting intentionally obtuse.

  4. Allen Todd Garringer says:

    I always said principled old men would be the first wave (and I mean that non-violently)

    Bravo sir!

  5. Rusty says:

    Thank you, Doug for taking a stand. We are thrilled that you were able to deliver your message to Congress. We are more thrilled you were able to deliver it – and remain alive! We will do what we can to deliver your message to the rest of America.
    We will follow this closely and offer our support to watch your back.
    In Solidarity,

  6. Michael Gilchrest says:

    The irony is now your a felon who won’t be able to vote, and now you have no authority over congress. #winning

  7. Benjamin Van Thiel says:

    Just read about you in the Tampa Bay Times. Your creative, non-violent protest flight was incredibly courageous and inspirational! Thanks for delivering the message so many of us want Washington to hear!

  8. Liz Dexter says:

    You’re an idiot!

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      There has been some criticism which I deleted because it included profanity. Liz disagrees without swearing, so she’s welcome. Better if she could articulate WHY she thinks I’m an idiot, but OK.

  9. Liz Dexter says:

    I’m sure this won’t stay published. I see you don’t have any other comments because they’re all telling you how idiotic you are. You should have gone just a little closer to the capital…too bad!

  10. Jane Gloom says:

    That was a gutsy move today. I hope this all works out for you.

  11. Greg Schmitt says:

    Thank you Doug for bringing attention to a matter that has bothered me since the day the Supreme Court gave the okay to Citizens United (what an oximoron that is).

    All I can say is

    Free Doug Hughes!!!!

  12. John Mancuso says:

    Great job today in the Capital, thank you your patriotism.!! You should start a FB page to really get things going..

  13. Eric says:

    I live in Riverview also what you say is soooooo true. You problem is that most Americans don’t understand how Washingtion works . “The good old boys” are not going to change anything as they get too rich off the way it is now.. If you can get your message to the people and make them understand how it all works then you have a chance.. I am all for change ” FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE”. Eric

  14. Michael Morrissey says:

    Good for you! I wish you had flown it down the chimney like Santa Claus!

  15. Lee Rogers says:

    I sure do wish I had known about your flight. It would have been an honor to have you carry my letter. I appreciate your patriotism and will help any way I can.

    Thank you,

    Lee Rogers, Nashville TN

  16. Bob Olson says:

    I know where your hearts at. You love your Country. I think you’ll call a lot of attention for your cause for a long time.

  17. WOW! This is truly the most dramatic statement, I have ever witnessed. I pray we all wake up and see the writing on the wall. Government has an obligation to serve the people, the undue influence of corrupt money has to stop. For Peace, For Justice, For Life! Thank you Sir!

  18. Rebecca Zamora says:

    You have echoed my thoughts and opinions…with far more eloquence and fortitude. Congress is either eerily quiet (or all abuzz) in astonishment about your actions (not mere words). Either way, your point has been made. Congratulations on your successful “air-mail” delivery today!

  19. Howard Gerlach says:

    Way to go !! Good luck.

  20. Frank DeDecker says:

    Can you add this to your agenda:
    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution

    “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      No. NO. NO!!!!! It’s about Campaign Finance Reform. Honesty in Government, Representative Democracy. It’s not about left or right. You get the money out of politics FIRST, and you will see progress on the other issues of importance. Issues you and I might not agree on.

  21. Stephen Spektor says:


  22. Jannai Cornett says:

    You are a brave man and I might add – from what I have read so far – brilliant. My husband and I are small business owners in Salem, Oregon and have had our share of being the “David” in a David and Goliath story. Political story. We are still fighting the fight and working each day, to keep our 30+ employees employed. Had it not been the ridiculous fight that we spent way too much money on, our employees would be in a better place…

  23. Dave P says:

    We The People must demand ELECTIONS NOT AUCTIONS

  24. A. R. Besson says:

    This is A. R. BESSON again.
    If you are going to post my comment on your site, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT my address and phone # are not posted in full. Thanks in advance!!

    A. R. BESSON

  25. kathy says:

    way to go doug ,
    I see nothing wrong with this at all in fact we the people should have every right to walk up to the white house door and ask to speak to whom ever we choose …since they are in fact our employee,s.

  26. CripesAmighty says:

    You, sir, as the old movie line goes, are, ‘one steely-eyed missile man’. What a creative, whimsical and impactful way to bring attention to this critical issue. And you are absolutely right.
    If the USPS knows what’s good for ‘em, they’ll hire you and your mailgyro as spokesman (the USPS livery on the tail was a particularly nice touch).

  27. Rick says:

    You are a brave man and a principled one from what I have read on your blog!

    I am from Canada but share your concerns about what is happening in your country.

    If your country becomes dysfunctional this affects Canada and our interests as well.

    We are closely tied economically and politically to some degree.

    I hope your government treats you fairly and does not try to make an example out of you….like Snowden and Manning.

    God Bless You!

    • Chris C. says:

      As an expat now living full time in Canada, I can tell you that unfortunately, Canada is slipping down that slippery slope as well. Things such as the TPP and its secret negotations are unfortunately having an impact on this country’s much more enlightened Copyright rules, for starters.

      Fortunately, campaign financing rules here make elections a much more pluralistic, democratic process, with multiple parties some of which sometimes share power in coalition form. The Unites States would be well advised to take a good look at Canada for inspiration, I would strongly recommend Ms Clinton look into it, if she’s really serious about campaign reform like she hinted to.

  28. Jodie says:

    Good luck with whatever bs the government decides to throw at you for your protest. And here’s to hoping more people demand changes to political donation laws. We the people need to speak up. Right now.

  29. Hey Doug, Your Story is Amazing. The Conviction and Bravery to give up everything for Freedom. Im a vet of OEF and you Truly are a Patriot and Hero to me. Flight for Freedom!! Thanks so much for the Lift today you really put tears in my eyes watching you fly that thing onto the Lawn. God Bless you

  30. Tom says:

    Absolutely the truth ….my hat is off to you sir….and thank you for your services

  31. dan says:

    I like, and very much appreciate, what you’ve done. But I think to get the attention of the people you are attempting to help you would have to land your UL on the WH lawn at least 8 times a day for a couple of years… lighting yourself, and your gyro, on fire at the end of each day might (just might) get Americans to remember you thru the night… but I sincerely doubt it. Unfortunately such tactics will get expensive and surely difficult to support on a mail carriers salary. I will pray for a quick and catastrophic event to come sooner than later so as to put this country out of it’s misery. Thanks again for your valient efforts.

  32. Richard Jacquot says:

    You are my man and I am in owe for your daring action. Many of us complain and are angry but very few act in a civilized and deliberate manner. This system is totally corrupt with K Street lobbyists writing the laws and regulations our representatives vote with no regards to the public interest. These lobbyists often move back and forth between the businesses and the government agencies that are supposed to regulate those businesses.
    REPRESENTATIVES are CIVIL SERVANTS: we pay their salaries, benefits, retirements, the maintenance of the building where they work, their e-mail, their security, their expense reports, everything, and they have no regards for the people.
    Thank you for your action and let see if they are so corrupt that they will dismiss it as a security incident instead of a call for action to save the republic.

  33. James Bellows says:

    I salute you sir, and I will signup for one or more of the groups, as I have been sickened by government for many years and it only grows worse as I age. I served 2 times in Vietnam so I am not some young disillusioned yuppy looking for a cause.

  34. Ari Gold says:

    What can I say. Thank you.

  35. Great flight today, sure hope it becomes worth while…

    Hope your gyro ends up hanging from the ceiling in the Air n Space museum some time soon……


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  40. stephen obaza says:


    I am sorry for the loss of your son. My deepest sympathy..

    But you are Patrick Henry!!!

    Henry led the opposition to the Stamp Act 1765 and is remembered for his “Give me liberty, or give me death!” speech. Along with Samuel Adams and Thomas Paine, he is regarded as one of the most influential champions of Republicanism and an invested promoter of the American Revolution and its fight for independence.

    God bless you for having the balls to do what so many of us only talk about! and living to tell about it!

    I thinking Harrison Ford to play you in the movie!

    vox populi

  41. smith says:

    You are not alone in the thought process. I will not follow your actions but thoughts and passive resistance is all that is really needed. Follow Gandhi, Give evil nothing to oppose and it will turn in on itself. 2016 is a turning point, either a person will rise to the oppression or a villain will finish this age in finality. This place is a modern Rome with all its deviants, corruption, and over reached military.
    It is already written, history repeats itself.
    Rome will fall.

  42. Lynn Baikey says:

    You Sir are a real hero! Thank you for taking action you have inspired me to do more to get the Moneybout of our political system!

  43. Charles Billington says:

    I am with You! Love Your Brave Stance!!

  44. Mike Dulak says:

    Just wanted to say… awesome!! Good for you!!

  45. Philip cronin says:

    Yesssss!!!!!! Thanks for having the balls required to draw attention to this broken system flying an ultralight into no fly zone. Unbelievable

  46. WCurtis York says:

    Thanks for putting a Voice to this major problem…..thanks for sharing and bringing it to the forefront!

  47. Corey says:

    I thought you were insane and stupid when I first saw the report of a gyrocopter landing on the Capitol Hill lawn. Now I am not so sure.

    You may have just done the single most patriotic thing I’ve ever seen. Too bad it was on TV and not in person.

    You accomplished part of your goal. I am here and reading. Your website has also been shared with my friends. We are all very political and all against what’s going on with Congress taking big money. (Though it’s not just congress as was witnessed with the Bob McDonnell situation).

    I hope the SS didn’t rough you up and that you get out of there quickly.

    Thank you for at least trying to make a difference. So many don’t. Hell, many don’t even know what’s going on. They just vote their emotions and complain the rest of the time.

    Very Best,


    • Tampadoug47 says:

      Thanks. The Capital Police and Federal Marshals were completely professional throughout. It wasn’t fun but they did just fine.

  48. Pamala Hanson says:

    We need to start standing up against the few who use their $$$$$ to buy the politicians, You are brave to find a way to bring a voice ( words) to those who are suppose to be working for us the tax paying citizen who by the way pay their wages.

  49. John Doe says:

    On the main page the screen that says “Toogether we must resolve THEIR big issue”. “Together” is misspelled.

  50. steve nazworth says:

    Doug Hughes should be hauled out of jail and taken directly to the Oval Office….and be presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom! The man is a true American hero and, hopefully, the Paul Revere of our generation. WAKE UP, AMERICANS! The enemy is among us, armed not with bayonet-tipped muskets but with bags of money!

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  52. Jo Middendo says:

    YOu are a true hero. So glad you didn’t get hurt trying to make your point. I hope many will talk about how to stop the wealthy from buying congress.

  53. Sounds great but will be difficult…!
    I have Emailed friends and family

  54. Andrea Rea says:

    Awesome action today! I believe your mail delivery by gyrocopter helps in getting our democracy back. What creativity! Thank you.

  55. Nina Jobe says:

    Wow – a true modern patriot! I am looking for where to contribute to help with your upcoming expenses, etc. – and I have read and HEAR what you are saying! Kudos to your remarkable bravery. We’re retired and “live” (post-pension-loss from UAL) on a little airport/airpark near Yosemite in CA. The pilot neighborhood meets for coffee at our hangar house every day. I am printing out all I can find on you and your mission for them to read and discuss. I feel for you in your current “living condition” and for your wife and entire family (new and old – kudos for embracing both). Don’t lose hope. I feel you may have kick-started ACTION! It has to start somewhere and you have pointed out where we laggers can get aboard – THANKS from the bottom of my heart!

  56. kathryn hopkins says:

    Nice landing..I hope you get alot of ears and discussions going!!! Good Luck I will be following you and hope they set your Bond low!
    sincerely Katie
    Holiday Fl.

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      Out on my own recognizance. That’s pretty fair of them. I think they are trying to figure out what to do about me. Obviously they can’t encourage what I’ve done but they don’t want to pick on an old mailman either.

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  59. Richard Pressinger says:

    Thank you!!!! Your words of wisdom are so correct… No political issue will be addressed truthfully (from global warming to whatever…) until money is out of elections. I will personally give $10,000 to anyone who can organize a march onto the capitol grounds by 100,000 junior high and high school students – and not move until money is out of politics!

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  61. Linda Fisher says:

    I, too, am 60 yrs old & am right there with you! I support Move To Amend on the very issue you care about, too! Every single day, my mind, body & soul yearn desperately for our voices to be heard.
    It makes total sense to me why you chose to do what you did. When they feel free to ignore the masses even when they’re aware 75-90% of us want change…something is wrong. It is the right, 99.9% of the time, fighting against all of us. ******** All the best to you, Linda ********

  62. Hello Doug,

    I have read every word on your site. Congratulations for a fine piece of work. There was not one flaw in what you are saying at any point. Not a single line where anyone could write you off as some kind of a nut. Not one thing that any intelligent person who cares about democracy could fault or possibly dismiss or ignore.

    I know a bit about political activism, because once I was moved to set up a web site about a pet peeve of my own – the need for copyright reform. So then I know what it is to carefully research the issues and write and rewrite and edit over and over again. Took me maybe a month to producer about one quarter of what you wrote. The funny thing about my pet peeve, it wouldn’t even be such an issue if it weren’t for special interests such as the RIAA and the MPAA bribing the politicians. Copyright laws were fine until the corporate lobbyists distorted it beyond reason.

    Anyhow, this isn’t about my pet peeve, which would be different if I were an American living in the USA. If that was the case, I would adopt your position 100%.
    I have been watching the USA going down the path to plutocracy from my vantage point in Canada all my life. I am astonished there it has gone so far today.

    The reason I was moved to write was to simply give you my support and congratulations on carrying through with what you believe in.

    So sad that it is unlikely that you will even get to read this for a long time while they put you through the meat grinder because of your selfless act of civil disobedience. I sincerely hope you get off lightly and are able to return to your family soon.


    George Taylor
    Toronto, Canada

    “A Congress limited by a wall of separation between them and big money.” I think this sums up what is necessary. And oh. btw: You could allow anonymous corporate donations with some kind of mechanism that ensures there is no way possible that these donations could possible do any more for the corporation than giving them a tax deduction and a good feeling that they are contributing to democracy.

  63. Jane Gundlach says:

    You are a hero, Doug Hughes. I think we are all sick of the prostitutes who pretend to represent us but are bought and sold before they even take an oath, spend their congressional careers committing treason by serving the 1% instead of the public interest, only to graduate into million dollar lobby and think tank jobs after their sell-out of the American people as so called representatives. I will certainly be writing letters and calling about campaign reform and related issues and trying to think of what I can do, because you are right. There will be no progress in this country until this is dealt with. The future of the country depends on it.

  64. John McGloin says:

    Wooohooooooo! OCCUPY NO FLY ZONES.

    Corporations are not persons, and Money is not speech!

    Thank you oh so much for your act of bravery.

  65. Horn player says:

    Good luck to you. Thanks for a very a brave act of civil disobedience. It received prominent mention on Rachel Maddow show, BTW. You should run for Congress.

  66. Irwin Stein says:

    I agree that the whole idea of representative government is threatened by this emphasis on funding.
    If we keep on this road, we won’t need voting, instead, adding machines will decide election winners, without all of
    the ” bother” of voting.
    I support your efforts and am with you !

  67. Jeanette&Marv Minor says:

    Hello Doug Hughes!
    We’re with you! Take care.
    You’re a hero!
    Jeanette & Marv Minor
    Urbandale, Iowa

  68. Leslie Newman says:

    Worried. Is your job safe?

    So grateful to you.

    Leslie Newman

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      I don’t know. I am suspended with pay and under house arrest. Not a surprise but the outcome is .. yet to be determined. Life isn’t dull.

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  70. Edith Kusnic says:

    I’m so impressed and grateful for your act of creative resistance to draw attention to an issue which, as you said, is not as important as many others but without it none of the others can be dealt with. Please keep folks informed about your continuing legal status. It is important that we all support acts of resistance to the extent we can.

  71. Joan meadows says:

    Glad you made it safely. You are my new hero. BRAVO. You are so right, we need to get money out of politics now!!!!!

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  73. Tom Cluster says:

    It’s interesting that your delivery happened on the same day that Rachel Maddow highlighted Clinton’s fourth plank in her platform – doing something about money in politics, even if it requires a constitutional amendment. I admire your special delivery. It took courage.

  74. Rob Shattuck says:

    May I get a copy of your letter to post on my blog The Campaign Finance Reformers Blog, which can be found at ? Thank you.

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  76. Mike McArthur says:

    Well done on the chopper ride!!! What I have read so far I’m impressed with. To note, I’m Canadian and yet I still think after my short time in Texas that the US Constitution is one of, if not the greatest piece of writing ever conceived
    and the people who support it as it was written very admirable indeed. The ones who use it for their own self worth, monetary or other shouldn’t be allowed to present themselves in front of the flag that is draped over so many who have honoured it so well. Hats off to you on your service and bravery past and present tense. Good luck to you sir. MM

  77. jean mueller says:

    Thank you for bravely drawing attention to this grave issue.

  78. Robert Chalmers says:

    When you are able to get a constitution convention established I would pray that your cause to get the corporate money out of elections. If fact all donations should be a open book. But there is one other issue that would also need a constitution amendment. That is to get rid of the electoral college . A totally unneeded organization that in its own way corrupts the election process. Because of that system a president can be elected without getting the popular vote. It’s already happened several times. The other thing it does is give the media an Avenue to predict the results of the election long before it even takes place. Any way the presidential election should be won or lost simply by counting the votes of every single person that goes to the polls and coming up with a number that represents the popular vote totals and that person would be our winner of the most important election we have. Many people don’t vote because they don’t think thier vote counts. In up to 49.9% of the votes cast right now will be disregarded when the electoral college casts thier votes. Think about it please.

  79. Ken Kelley says:

    Hats off to you brother. Keep up the good fight. Love your style and I hope somebody makes a movie out of your story. And I hope the ending shows you sitting in your gyrocopter seat on the White House lawn with a huge smile on your face while they’re arresting you.

  80. Bern says:

    reminds me Mathias Rust flight in may 1987; he landed in Red Square in Moscow.
    I guess those who applaused at that time will also applause today.
    When the politic is corrupted by whatever it is, some have ton denounce it.
    When those who have the honor of being elected are not taking care of the global interest of Humanity, some have to denounce it.

    Bravo !

    Sorry il my english isn’t so good.
    Best regards from France.

  81. Steve Phillips says:

    Great job, I salute you for your dedication to this enormous problem, congress sucks! We’ve got to take our government back, I agree.
    I’m a member of Wolf Pack.

  82. Jaime Canfield says:

    You are a hero of the 21st century. People all over the world are doing this type of civil disobedience. Read Naomi’s Klein’s book ” This Changes Everything “. Chapter “B;ockadia”.More power to you Doug. Add “Move To Amend” to your list. Please call me 941-704-7782. The people will prevail.

  83. Charles Roth says:

    Bless you, sir! Good work.

  84. Bob Sapp says:

    The Reform Project and The Civil Paper linnnks are not working.

  85. Don Ross says:

    Doug, as a fellow Santa Cruz veteran , I thank you for your inspired actions and patriotic mail delivery. I fear though, that the young are fully conditioned to accept a nanny state (as long as they aren’t drafted), let the less advantaged pay the price.
    Stay the course, Doug – you are not alone.

  86. tinA renEE says:

    wooT wooT!i!

  87. Seth C says:

    Thank you for your sacrifice and Freedom Flight. I stand with you as so many others do, but you acted. You are truly a Patriot.

  88. Barb says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  89. Charles Lamberton says:

    Thank you for your mail delivery to Congress!

  90. Jim Gober says:

    Way to go sir! Appreciate your dedication and willingness to do what you can to make a difference! Just when I was starting to feel like I’m the only one in this whole country that gives a damn AND is willing to do something about it. Your idea was BRILLIANT and showed myself and millions of others that there are other ways besides violence to energize Americans to take action to take back OUR country!
    Great Patriots like yourself show me that maybe all is not lost and we still have a chance to overcome the appalling indifference of a majority of Americans these days.
    Thank you sir!
    Jim Gober
    (USAF Ret)

  91. gary laufman says:

    Thank you

  92. Lisa Gale says:

    Thank you, Mr. Hughes. I don’t know if I would have ever had the nerve to do what you did, but I do believe something outrageous was totally necessary to bring government corruption to the People’s attention. (Besides you did a valuable service by showing a problem with low flying aircraft near the Capitol….).

    I have become involved with Wolf PAC in N.C. and hopefully we will have a bill that passes through our ALEC/Art Pope owned congress….It is in committee now.

    And if there is a defense fund for you – let me know. I would be happy to contribute — no strings attached!

  93. Fantastic Work and personal sacrifice to get the message across! We at Renew Democracy would be honored to be considered part of your alliance. Our Voter Bill of Rights is, we believe, the most powerful, comprehensive and politically feasible proposal to empower the American voter. We are a bit older group than the others in your roster but we are a policy organization only and do not fund raise. Based in Montana, we are not beltway and have little presence but we have influenced Sen Sander’s proposal to adopt a portion of our outline. We concur that solving this problem of the representatives of the voter representing the donor not the voter must come first to take America into the future and we offer a powerful and nonpartisan solution.

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      Sounds like we are on the same side. I will look at your platform when I can come up for air. Thanks for sending it to me.

  94. Greg Hale says:

    Doug…thanks for your big effort to bring awareness to the biggest problem we have in this country today. Hopefully your courageous act of civil disobedience will inspire others to get involved….get off the couch….demonstrate our anger over legalized political corruption. Best, Greg Hale, Tucson

  95. glen says:

    good job! rock on!

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  98. Jim Brown says:

    Thank you Doug for the delivery of a message more need to consider.

  99. glen says:

    want to follow you on twitter and social media

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  101. CBW says:

    Doug, you are my hero…and not just because you fly…there you are out doing SOMETHING while the rest of us whine from our comfortable seats at home. For me that is literally true as I am mobility challenged, 75 years old and feeling daily as if I’m getting old and tired of watching what is happening to America. MY THANKFUL APPRECIATION for your courage in taking a brave stand. Sadly, I fear, it will do little good. SORRY

  102. Jeremy Hooper says: isn’t the White House. You should have called someone at the FAA Potomac Approach Control or filed a flight plan if you wanted somebody to take you seriously.

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  104. Daniela Juneau says:

    Thank God, for some horrible moments I thought we were all just taking this lying down!!! How dare they rape us of our rights, freedom, CONSTITUTION!!! TO THINK THAT THEY CAN HOLD AN AMERICAN CITIZEN INDEFINITELY WITH OUT A TRIAL!!!!!! IS SHOCKING BEYOND WHAT WORDS CAN DESCRIBE!!!

  105. Eli Campbell says:

    Doug, I have been incredibly inspired by your act of courageous dissent. I wrote this on my website yesterday: “Today, Florida Mailman Doug Hughes flew a gyrocopter to the Capitol Building to deliver 535 letters, one for each member of congress, petitioning them to reform campaign finance. Since the Citizens United vs. FEC supreme court ruling of 2010, corporations have been given the status of people, and permitted to buy political influence wholesale. This has contributed to the utmost state of corruption in our government today. Doug Hughes has had enough. He is a patriot, a real patriot. Not someone who loves his country no matter what it does, but loves his country so truly that he is willing to risk being shot down and killed to make his statement publicly, that this corruption cannot continue. This issue is brushed under the rug so consistently and it cannot afford to be ignored; even today, this act of protest is being displayed as “Man Lands Gyrocopter on Capitol Lawn” on CNN, “Postal protester touches off panic landing mini-copter on Capitol lawn” on Fox, and “Gyro-copter lands at Capitol, pilot arrested” on MSNBC. The narrative is already being spun by the corporate media that Hughes was just some man acting without purpose, simply to scare the populace and incite, dare they say it, TERROR. The 24 hour news cycle will bury this event, but we must not forget. Doug Hughes’ flight reminds us that our representatives have ceased to represent us, because we the people, unlike corporations, are no longer viewed as having a right to be represented in the political process.”

    You are an inspiration to people like me who grew up mostly in the post 9/11 era, under the shadow of the largest power grab in American History. Your mission needs to spread. The Voter’s Revolution IS now. You are truly an American Hero.

    Thank you for giving me hope,
    Eli Campbell

  106. Christopher Popp says:

    Well done, as a Canadian I entirely sympathize with your situation and to some extent understand the travails which await the American electorate. What you did was selfless and hopefully received like a canary in a coal mine. I hope you penetrate the masses of your great country and the good people start taking steps to a more fair and balanced self governance. Thank you for your efforts!

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  110. Christopher McLaughlin says:

    Please share the following White House petition with The Democracy Club’s members:

    This petition will be a valuable tool in the fight for a Constitutional amendment that states once and for all: Money is not free speech, and corporations are not people.

    Thank you for your consideration, and keep up the great work!

  111. Jim Green says:

    Doug….your act of heroism accomplished two things….a security breach in DC, and calling attention to the urgent need for campaign finance reform–the latter, of course, decimated by the worst decision in SCUS history, Citizens United—the latter is protected by the First Amendment. Be chary to define yourself as brave or a hero, however, let others do that—millions already have. With highest regards,
    Jim Green, Democrat candidate for Congress, Dist 21, TX, 2000

  112. Excellent article/letter.
    Congratulations on getting good media coverage – hopefully, the media can see beyond the vehicle used and get into the topic of “campaign finance reform”, “term limits”, reversing the Supreme Court decision in favor of big money called “Citizens United vs. the FEC” – thank you for your patriotic action!
    Cici Chase Peters

  113. William Harvey Hunter, Jr. says:

    Doug —

    I’ve just sent this letter below, via email, to the POTUS.

    May God bless you Doug Hughs.

    William Harvey Hunter, Jr.

    Mr. President –

    I’ll keep this short. Doug Hughs is a real American hero. A, for real, give me liberty or give me death American hero. It is our right, nay, our DUTY as Americans to act as he did under such circumstances as we live today in this country. Money has been used to highjack our democracy. I believe that it has lead our system to a place where some of our representatives are acting in treasonous ways. Only when money is taken out of politics will we, the people, regain control of our country. ¶ I hope that, regardless of what the courts find in Dough Hughs case, you, Mr. President, will recognize his heroism and grant him pardon status as need be. ¶ May God bless the revolution of campaign finance reform and Doug Hughs and you and this country.

    William Harvey Hunter, Jr.

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  116. Virginia C. says:

    Hello! We’d love to send Doug Hughes an anti-corruption stamp, it’s from the Stamp Stampede campaign to reduce money in politics. Can you email me with his information? Also, how can we partner with you guys?! We are very excited to work with you.

  117. Michael Eggleston says:

    Doug Hughes, greetings from a Navy veteran, Mobile Riverine Force Vietnam 1969-70, aboard “Tango 10″, Assault Transport Craft. Our boat had a small flight deck than could land a “Huey” crosswise to our boat. Just wanted to tell you how much I admire what you did with your flight in Washington, took a lot of guts to pull that off in a no-fly zone. You have now joined Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger in my list of heroes. Fighting for campaign finance reform is worth a little civil disobedience, the current Congress is too corrupt to do anything about it. Also thought I’d mention I put 6 months as a casual in the Binghamton NY post office, and my lady friend in Ohio is retiring next month as Postmaster in a rural post office in Ohio. Good luck in all your endeavors, and “Keep ‘Em Flying”!

  118. William Harvey Hunter, Jr. says:


    I just created a new petition and I hope you can sign — it’s called: The President of the United States of America: We call on you to recognize Mr. Doug Hughs as an American Hero.

    This issue is very important to me, and together we can do something about it!

    Read more about it and sign it here:

    Campaigns like this always start small, but they grow when people like us get involved — please take a second right now to help out by signing and passing it on.

    Thanks so much,
    William Harvey Hunter, Jr.

  119. Jeff Mansfield says:

    I am USPS retired and couldn’t love what you did more than I do. Thank you… Best Wishes from Seattle. Please Stay in Florida we have family in St. Pete’s and please keep delivering the US mail as the patriot that you obviously are… Too funny and so good. There is hope.

  120. Billy Snipes says:

    God speed true patriot thank you for your passion and love for our Country!!! Though we are angry Peaceful reform is the way!!!

  121. Robert Garcia says:

    Doug Hughe, you are a hero!

  122. Stevon says:

    Well Done, Doug, WELL DONE!

  123. Arlys Mills says:

    Thank you for being a real American Hero. I called the Whitehouse today and will call every day until I know your letters are delivered.
    Arlys Mills
    member of

  124. Jarren Kuipers says:

    In the end, those in government may have you to thank for your peaceful and non-partisan protest. There is no bigger issue then campaign finance corruption. It influences all other issues. Hopefully the American people get the message.

  125. Scott says:

    Thank you for your effort, and hope you don’t have to sacrifice too much, and am glad you didn’t sacrifice everything. I hope your actions will bring awareness to what I believe is the greatest threat our country has ever been under, and I surely hope it wakes all of us up. I too share many of your beliefs. Funny enough, I didn’t know any of these “movements” existed, and everyone else around me seems to be sleepwalking. Goes to show how accurate and right in your actions you are/were. Thank you for making me aware. Now that I know, I will be watching and doing my part to make this happen. Good luck to you and your family, and to all of us that truly care about this great country of ours. May you be blessed not prosecuted for your initiative.

  126. Peter V. Fiorentino says:

    Way to go, Doug! I am a postal carrier and here we all support your actions. As Alan Grayson, a Congressman from your state, has said – “If We Do Nothing, We Can Kiss This Country Goodbye. Well, Pucker Up”

    Well, you have done more than your share and your web site sums up the problem better than any other source I have seen! Bravo!

  127. Toni Garmon says:


  128. Steve Casull says:

    Doug, When I saw your touchdown, I was applauding, but I will admit it I assumed it was a stunt from someone that is just anti Obama everything. I figured they’d get you on camera, and you’d be some idiot. Which is fine for Freedom’s sake, but it is grating on me. BOTH parties are complicit in what is going on.
    In reading over your site I have found that you have a mind too. You don’t come across as some hick, spouting the same hick crap.
    I voted for Bush n Cheney twice, and when the truths started to surface, and another lie had gotten us into yet another war among other atrocities. Now I’m a guy that researches the candidates more. Enough of me.
    You have my respect, and bluntly, that’s not easy to do. I’m sick of fake people trying to be my friends for what I can do for them. You and I have the same attitudes. You’re going to need a sophisticated press strategy. Frankly, I would hope you already had this in place, because the vipers are going to try to suck you in, planning to stifle you as they are saying they are friends. “Watch your back Doug”. Call me sometime as you’re talking ove a couple of beers.

  129. Richard Segraves says:

    Good show. You have made me proud. Let’s hope this do nothing congress pays attention. I would like to send a check to help with your defense. I’m a retired letter carrier from Oakland Ca. I would prefer to send it by mail and support the USPS . Could you post an address? If I don’t see one soon I will send it in care of Riverview PO. Back in my day you could depend on it reaching you. That was twenty years ago.

    • Richard Segraves says:

      Good show. I would like to donate by US Mail and support my union brothers and sisters of NALC. Please post an address to mail it. If. Not I will send it directly to you at work in Riverview Fla.

  130. Nick Egan says:


  131. Dean says:

    Hell yeah. You are a true patriot! I agree, I don’t think violent action would create positive or lasting change. The only way to create real change is with reason and communication. It’s like all the TONS and TONS of mail you’ve ever delivered. How did you do it? One day at a time. I also really like your Thumper Policy on the USPS. Personally, I’m still waiting to see if we get a safety talk from our PM about gyrocoptors. Hang in there, brother.

  132. Tom Hill says:

    Hello Doug,
    I don’t think I agree with you about busting the no-fly-zone, that was risky. I did email my congressman that I wanted you released with a warning and no prison time and just a few days jail time at most. I hope a lot of people request something like this. Thank you for bravely bringing this issue up in the media so that all Americans I hope will take notice and voice their opinion. I agree with you on the need for campaign finance reform so that we the people will be served again by the government in our best interest instead of which corporation throws the most money on their re-election. Like you have indicated then we will have a chance to deal with the other important issues before us.
    I hope you come home soon and I hope I can shake your hand one day as a fellow American who also wants an honest government and as birds of a feather as pilots.


    Tom Hill

  133. Janis K says:

    Thank you for what you are doing!

  134. I Dig Doug! Thanks for your leadership in calling attention to the problems with Congress….many are aware of the problems but I, for one, had no idea how to accomplish what you have.

    gyro is pronounced Hero….so you were flying a Hero-copter.

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  136. Dr. Gino says:

    Hi Doug,

    Thanks so much for your bravery and dedication to our republic. My favorite quote is ” Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve” George Bernard Shaw. I have an idea that I would like to talk to you about that I have mostly complete and have been sitting on for far too long related to campaign finance reform. I am sure you are getting overwhelmed with all kinds of crap as well as wonderful appreciation. I believe that with your help and my “letter” we could get more than 1 million delivered to Congress in a way that you might never imagine, far more impactful than even what you just did. I sincerely hope you will contact me I can assure you you will be incredibly glad that you did and we will both feel as if we have done something truly deserving of a better democracy. Thanks again Joel

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  138. Cody Shepherd says:

    Thank you for reminding me that we must NEVER give up and surrender. We must never lay down and let the big money and lobbyists think they’ve worn us down.
    2016 needs to be a huge wake-up call. Yes, financial reform, and also term limits.
    I’m 66 … you, sir, are a true hero. Bless you always!

  139. Ken McKenzie says:

    Thanks for what you’ve done. My experience has been very similar to your. After a library discussion of Lessig’s book, “Republic Lost…” two friends and myself built a website, and began a campaign to pass local resolutions in our individual towns calling for a Constitutional amendment. We were successful, and then joined with the NH Rebellion, Open Democracy, Move to Amend, etc., to pass the resolutions in 67 towns in NH.
    You have done much to bring national attention to this cause, and I hope the media doesn’t spin this in some derogatory manner.
    I’ve donated a small amount in case you need legal funds. If you need more, put a request on your website and I’ll try and publicize it however I can.
    Ken McKenzie
    Eaton, NH

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  143. Elizabeth Todd says:

    We the people need to get the word out using all avenues, social media and such, to include the jaded younger generation, those who think, their votes do not count! I am very proud of what you have done and hope it is the first step toward REFORM!

  144. Linda McCarthy says:

    Well said! Absolutely spot on! Lots of admiration for your spunk, actually quite brave. You are a true American.

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  146. Kathy says:

    Putting aside the potential danger your craft presented and that the Tampa Bay Times did not alert the White House, I am really glad to see that someone has taken a very bold initiative to say there’s one thing we can agree for the common good of all: we con’t want our politicians bought. We just aren’t going to take it any more. Let’s come up with more ways to make our voices heard. I’m open to suggestions!

  147. Douglas Brown says:

    Mr. Hughes,

    If you are in need of assistance for your legal fees, I am willing to contribute.

    Respectfully yours,

    Douglas Brown

  148. Mark Nesser says:

    Thanks Doug! This is the kind of protest that’s going to get the right attention!

  149. Wayne Weber says:

    Dear Mr. Hughes,

    It is indeed a sorry condition that requires the drastic measures you took to remind Americans that Our Nation belongs to us and not to special interests. While most of us are aware of the necessity for campaign finance reform, we have generally learned to live with the stale calm. That’s why we needed your peaceful yet heroic reminder.

    Your singular act will likely accomplish more for America than all of the activities of the 114th United States Congress combined.

    Thank You,

    Wayne Weber- Oxford, Ohio

  150. Walt Corwin says:

    Bravo! Mr. Hughes.

  151. Debbi Atkinson says:

    God bless you for your bravery! Not being heard is NO reason to be silent!

  152. Somos Patria says:

    The democracy is not working event for those that invented it. Your courage is extraordinary. Your heart is in the right place. Gob blase you

  153. Casey says:

    Kudos! I agree with you that money in politics is the most dangerous threat to our democracy. Thanks for bringing the graft and corruption to national attention!

  154. Loretta Phinney says:

    Hello Mr. Huges,
    I am a proud American. My dad was in WW II on D-Day at 19 he landed on Omaha Beach in Normandy France.
    Fighting what he believed in. He was always been a hero to me. Even if he never went to war. He was a wonderful father. It was very hard for him to talk about that war he would always start crying and I cried with him. I’m telling you all off this not because I want you to feel bad.
    But because I really believe what you did was need to wake up our nation. I think your a HERO to. To put your life in danger for the sake of our country. Putting yourself in danger for what you really believe in. God Bless you and you family for that.
    I will follow your story to the best of my ability. If there is even a chance that you would go to jail for doing what you did. I will call our Senators and the White House in your defense. Letting everyone I know to do the same.
    Sincerely, Loretta Phinney

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      Thank you. I appreciate the support but you know, and others should consider that Americans who volunteer to serve in the armed forces put themselves at grave risk. As I did – for the same reason. Is what I did any more special?

  155. Roman says:

    eres un buen piloto, deberias estar en la fuerza aerea,lograstes tus objetivos, a pesar del peligro que representaba tal azaña,te admiro. una manera distinta de hacer llegar el mensaje.

  156. Lori Crook says:

    You are a brave man. Thank you for standing up for what is right. You are a true patriot.

  157. Kevin Phillips host of Exposure radio program in Missouri says:

    Fellow American and fellow pilot I fly a Benson 503 not quite as nice as the one you gust gave up attempting to save our country. I am the host of a AM-FM radio show in Missouri every Tuesday that deals with the subject matter that you are trying to expose. Please consider being a guest on my program to git your message out, the main stream media is butchering it. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COURAGE! Ready to put you on looking forward to hearing from you. Kevin

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  159. Noah Harris says:

    Stay with this Doug. You have a lot of friends out here. The ‘media’ doesn’t seem to want to publish the reason for your flight, or deal with the issue involved. But believe me, there are a lot of us out here that do. Who dares, wins….

  160. Hope you don’t get into too much trouble for “delivering the mail”. Most media outlets wouldn’t even identify you for a couple days. I’m sure they wanted to stifle your message. Best wishes in your endeavors!

  161. stephen elwood says:

    thanks for doing something, and not just steaming and doing nothing like me

  162. Mike Zonta says:

    We’re with you. We’ve been trying to get corporate money out of Congress for over three years now.

  163. Curtis Odell says:

    Mr. Doug Hughes,
    What you have done has resonated with me in many dimensions. I believe, as you do, that corporations, in the specious guise of being “people”, now run this country. I hate that. I want my voice to have its commensurate weight, and I can’t afford to compete, dollar-wise.
    Also, I am a private pilot who routinely flies in the Washington DC Special Flight Rule Area. I hate the restrictions and I find the National Defense Airspace rules to be ludicrous; in trying to assure members of Congress that they are safe, the various security organizations have failed to mention that ALL of the airspace restrictions require voluntary compliance. Finally, I love the metaphor that you have propounded: I’m just delivering the mail. Well, I say you did indeed deliver the mail, and I am impressed with all of the symbols that you employed: the USPS logo on the tail of your gyrocopter, the USPS bins with the letters, and the USPS uniform that you wore. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! I am with you.

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      Thank You. It’s good to hear from a GA pilot who is cleared to use that airspace that you are not offended. At no time was I close to the approach to National,on the other side of the river.

  164. Larry Hodges says:

    I need to know your twitter account. My twitter account: reddimples45 – GlobalEditorialNews – The GEN WANTS TO FOLLOW YOU.

  165. John Sauerzopf says:

    Very interesting approach. Somehow we have to get the point across that the status quo is not acceptable.

  166. Gregory Dugay says:

    Mr. Postman,
    I read the letter that you addressed to the congress and I have to say that I was unexpectedly impressed. Not only is your heart in the right place, and not only do you clearly have a grasp of the relevant issues, but you managed to avoid partisan babble that separates. Touche my friend. You are currently the most important postman in the country. I look forward to working with you toward our voters’ revolution. We don’t live in the dark ages any more so we should NOT tolerate the kind of lies and deceptions that are perpetrated against us on a daily basis.
    Thank you for your courage and sacrifice.

  167. Ursula says:

    I agree with your assertions. Many other organizations are trying to get the money out of politics. Why has this not happened? What bills are purposed in Congress to address this issue? This is as important as foreign policy. This is a domestic issue akin to “crumbling infrastructure” . Our politics are broken. I have heard recommended a portion of taxes be put aside for political campaigns and distributed equally, anonymously. If a candidate wishes to spend their money they should be allowed to do so. Thank you for listening and I hope others will respond to your actions.

  168. Fiona Theodoredis says:

    Dear Doug,
    I was so delighted and moved by your attempt to deliver the letters on Campaign Finance Reform to Congress. I know a lot of news outlets focused on the “stunt” and the security aspect and the gyrocopter. But I saw the real story, and I just want to tell you, you are a hero to me and an inspiration. I plan on following this story however it unfolds. I just wish everyone had your brilliant creativity and your commitment to our nation. I think the people who worked so hard to built this democracy all those years ago, were looking down on your flight with a sense of true joy.
    I am deeply grateful to you,
    Fiona Theodoredis

  169. Marc Coan says:

    Thank you for your work Doug. You’re a hero. How can we contribute.

  170. Doug,
    While you may not consider your efforts to be about you, they do project a powerful message to all Americans about our country and our values.
    Thank you for (even if not intended) making people think about what it means to be an American. I hope that the body politic will be generous with you as a person and as thoughtful person.
    I personally admire what you have done. If there is anything that we can do to help you, please let us know.

    V/R George H Winters MMCS(SS) Navy retired

  171. wayne says:

    Dear Pilot
    Great! Great! Great! …

    need I say more?

  172. Clay says:

    Doug, Way to go!!!! I will be following your situation. I too have a Benson Gyrocopter but have been too over regulated to fly, I can’t pass the medical because I am disabled. One question what engine is on your Gyro? Will you get it back? Your a true American hero. No one hurt, great landing, great accomplishment.
    Thank, Clay

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      The engine is a Rotax 503, about 50 HP. I’m asking about the disposition, but I doubt I’ll fly that sweet machine again. You know the feeling.

  173. Greetings David, I think what you did attempting to deliver your mailing directly to Congress and Senate members was
    a terrific idea. I am glad you were successful in making your approach and landing on the lawn in front of our nations Capitol Building. God Bless you and your family and I want you to know that I am a supporter and will attempt to pass along your concerns and suggestions to keep this wonderful Country alive and moving forward.

  174. Scott says:

    A simple thanks for your activism and civil disobedience to change congress and our country.

  175. James Broughton says:

    Doug Hughes a True Patriot….and a mailman. A citizen who actually did something to bring attention to the massive over spending and vile corruption of our national leaders. Too bad it is over shadowed by how a single person could invade the most secured airspace in a small aircraft. Good Job Doug!

  176. My name is Eric Hildeman, I’m from Milwaukee, WI, and I do a podcast called The Sacred Cow Wursthaus. I’m impressed by what Mr. Hughes has done to help wake us all up to a very real problem, and I’m ashamed that more of us aren’t willing to do something similar.

    What I would like to do is read out one of Mr. Hughes’ letters to congress on my podcast – preferably the one addressed to Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, since that’s the representative for the district I live in. Is that possible? It would be a shame if there weren’t copies of these letters saved somewhere.

    Thanks, and keep up the good fight!


  177. Carl Revine says:

    This is a fantastic plan, you have shifted the focus and the conversation to something we can all agree on and away from the more subjective and individual. It’s hard to understand how someone would not support the idea of a true democratic:
    Where we all have an equal and simple vote.
    Where each of the candidates campaign funds are equal and limited which demonstrates his or her’s ability to manage finances effectively.
    Where Corporations are organizational entities, not people!

  178. Dan N says:

    Love this letter. Agree fully. add me to your mailing list.


  179. Bill Ford says:

    Good luck Doug:
    Your going to need it. We don’t own congress an more. It was stolen while we went to high school, military, college,
    Raising a family.
    They have twice the money the need.
    It was a brave thing you did, maybe.
    Bil Ford

  180. Becky Stapf says:

    thank you for your strngth, conviction, and balls.

  181. beverly storm says:

    Dear Sir:

    I m so very proud and supportive of what you did in your gyrocopter. I have been fuming for years now about some of the atrocious things the government is doing to taxpayers but have never acted in anything other than the NumbersUSA campaign with many letters protesting the unrestricted immigration we have in this country at my taxpayer expense!!!

    I keep thinking it is time the real people of America stand up and be counted before it is too late and we are swimming in the poverty the feds are leading us into.

    I think you really need all of the support you can get, and you truly are a unique worthwhile individual for attempting to protect and clean up our democracy!

    I will be reading about all of these groups you mention. When one reads the NumbersUSA articles one thinks most of Congress could be arrested for failing to protect its citizens and declaring open season to any terrorist in the world to easily walk across our borders.

    Again as a citizen of the USA I thank you very much for making a show on the White House front lawn. It was a dangerous but very clever idea. I will be reading your website for more news.

    Sincerely yours,


  182. Richard Crooks says:

    This is so good to see some people standing up we need a lot more of this the American Public is brain dead and the only thing that will get their attention is when you hit them in the pocket and that might not even do it. Government does it all the time and they just roll over like nothing happened.

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      Richard, I share your frustration but I disagree. The American public is NOT ‘brain dead’. They just don’t know that there are solutions within their power.

  183. R. Krumminga says:

    I am in

  184. john m says:

    I liked your site and your comments. Good luck with your efforts at reform. I’m curious about your gyro. I could not see from the pictures closely enough. Is it a commercial one, like a Bensen, or is it something you built yourself? Thanks,

  185. L Barker says:

    I’m sending a few bucks along..hope many others will do the how you used the media to do some Truth-Telling about the root causes of our ailments..may this be just the beginning!

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      Thanks for sending a few bucks. There is some financial uncertainty so it helps. The main thing I want is for people to make the effort – a few minutes only to sign up and work with the movement, not just my group, to end the corruption.

  186. Steve Lee, Patriot says:

    Doug, your flight in your gyro-copter has made you a national hero and I wholeheartedly respect your thoughts, your visions, and your bravery and valor you have shown by making that flight , and I think that the capitol police and all of the officials involved on that grand day, and the coming days, have made a statement by the way that the treated you that they respect you and agree with what you did!

  187. Chris C. says:


    Let me begin by saying I understand your ‘despair’ (as it is described in the media) at the little impact your special delivery had, the outright fear some of the spectators showed during your landing and the paranoia exhibited by mainstream media commentators regarding the security implaications of your actions. If anything, it should tell us all that the Police State Just Doesn’t Work!

    However, whether you like it or not, you have now become a symbol for all ordinary Americans, precisely because, contrarily to Edward Snowden with his highly articulate discourse, you are a man just like every other one of us out there.

    Like you say it so well, you’ve delivered the mail. Soon enough, like a seed, your message will grow and more people will start delivering their own message as they realize our Democracy is truly broken and that the War of Terror we have been subject to for so long was just a pretext to scare citizens into compliance with the will of the select few who are effectively in control of politics through their financial contribution (I’m told less than 200 since Citizens United!)

    So don’t despair! Your family and the rest of the world is rightfully proud of your actions and your courage is an inspiration to all of us, just like the actions of that chinaman who stood in front of the tanks during Tiananmen in 1989.

    I would like to finish by saying your actions are not ‘civil disobedience’. In fact, they are one of the finest examples of Civic Duty, with High Honors.

    Chris C.

  188. Jennifer says:

    Dear Mr. Hughes,
    I know you don’t want the spotlight on you, but you have become one of my heroes!

    I hope that the great risk you took drew more attention to the issues related to campaign finance reform and reforming the careers of our political trough dwellers. I have been reading through your site and it’s such a relief to read a non-partisan take on this huge problem of ever-growing corruption in our government. I’ve forwarded the most un-biased news accounts of your flight, and most importantly your well-written letter, on Facebook.

    My only request would be to have some social media links from your website to help pass the word…

    Thank you for your bravery, and your past service to our country! You truly are a patriot!

    Thank you,
    ~ Jennifer

  189. Patrick says:

    Can you share with us how you built your gyro-copter?

  190. Anne creter says:

    I’m with you in spirit … Admire what you’re doing … Love your creativity and humor

  191. Mr. Hughes,
    Like millions of other Americans I admire your courage and commitment. I am not an attorney so cannot assist you with your legal issues with the government, however I do have over 30 years of experience representing Postal employees in administrative matters against the Postal Service. This includes grievances, EEO, Merit Systems Protection Board appeal, OWCP and & OPM retirement. Please let me know if there is any way that I can provide assistance to you (or your counsel) in the administrative process.
    J.R. Pritchett, Administrative Law Representative
    (208) 254-9196

  192. Joseph Stevenson says:

    Mr Hughes: Thanks for taking action today. I have read some of what you’ve written and agree 100%. I am a volunteer with WolfPAC and am working for the Article V process as I have no hope that Congress or the courts will change their behavior any time soon. You should expect that many news media will find a way to report your flight without mentioning your motives. I think this is because all that campaign money ends up with the media, they have less interest than Congress even in changing the current system. This will be a long uphill battle but I think it’s the only hope we’ve got. 54 years ago at the age of 18 I was a Freedom Rider. Sometimes it takes a few brave people to jump start a movement. Thanks for making an effort.

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      I like WolfPAC and their quest to convene an Article V Convention. A Constitutional Amendment is not a law, but it will set a standard beyond the power of the courts and it can serve to protect legislation from attacks by legislation or by the courts. Reform protected by an amendment will stay in place.

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      I like WolfPAC, I’m on their mailing list. They’re honest. Cync is 100% sincere. It’s one way to hit the problem. It’s not the ONLY way. I hope to meet you down the road, sir. The Freedom Riders are legendary.

      • Joseph Stevenson says:

        Doug: Glad to see yr comment section is finally up and running. Thanks for the kind words — you can land on my lawn anytime.

  193. Robert says:

    Just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU for all that you’re doing! You risked your life for a cause central to a great many critical issues in this country, and by extension the world, and I can’t think of anything more truly patriotic than that. If we are to have any chance at all of enacting much needed reform in our government, it is through the actions of people like you and the groups you include here. Fight on!

  194. Clarence Cain says:

    Thank you so much for doing your part to move this agenda forward and get the People to listen. I’ve been saying this for a long time myself and will do whatever it takes to help turn this around.
    Clarence Cain

  195. John Jarecki says:

    Is there a “kickstarter fund” or “gofundme” set up to help support an legal funds Doug Hughes will need to defend himself

    • John Jarecki says:

      I see “the tin cup” logo but one of the fundraiser sites I mentioned above is a great way that one can spread the word and raise money through social media. Time is fleeting on the coverage where people will have this on top of mind. Not for anything but legal fees.

  196. 99% pickers says:

    We applaud your effort in trying to raise awareness. We would like to help with our song They’re all bought and paid for. Please sing it, post it and distribute thru your social media.
    99% pickers

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      They’re not ALL bought and paid for. However it feels that way because there aren’t enough to put up a good fight against the majority who ARE sold out. And the honest ones are represented across the political spectrum. We gotta identify and support the good ones. We’ll talk about how to do that.

  197. Nick Bokron says:

    I am a Local 7 Ironworker. The website is listed so that folks can see that we are doing something in Massachusetts. My comments are my own.
    I have been exclaiming how Doug Hughes is a Hero. Last night I heard him state that he wants an Article V Convention, because it can circumvent Congress. I do not know how he could have spent so much time preparing and get the message screwed up. Article V – “…CONGRESS, on the application of the legislatures of 2/3 of the several States, shall call a convention for proposing AMENDMENTS.”
    Congress will have complete control of the setting up of the Convention. I would expect them to resolve themselves into a Constitutional Convention for AMENDMENTS (Plural). It would be open to all Amendments and Republicans will have the keys to the Kingdom. The U.S. Constitution is based on the Massachusetts Constitution and we have had 5 Constitutional Conventions, 3 after our Constitution was ratified. All rules and topics get decided after the Convention starts. I am totally behind the action, but, extremely disappointed with the screwed up message.
    Again, CONGRESS will have total control over an Article V Convention. There is NO going around Congress.

    • Tampadoug47 says:

      Nick – You might be right and you might be wrong. An Article V convention hasn’t been done. While I admit I don’t know exactly how an Article V will play out, it’s a legitimate and constitutional way around Congress. Like my flight and the uncertainty, the only way to discover the outcome was to first take off. The closest the US got to an Article V convention was when the issue of direct election of US Senators was the question. When it became clear that an Article V convention was inevitable, the Congress changes the original provision (appointment of Senators) and went to direct election. (1913 17th Amendment)

      Personally, Doug Hughes is not going to get behind any one formula for reform. Too many sincere groups fighting for reform have members who are giving OTHER reform groups an elbow, as if infighting between groups will advance the cause of reform. This is sheer folly. Support the approach you feel comfortable with – and let the other groups do their thing.

  198. Dan Marks says:

    How One Regular Guy Changed Congress
    The Young Turks

  199. Jennifer says:

    Doug, we applaud your effort to get attention to this issue. Another Floridian and I went to DC & lobbied our Florida representatives (25 at the time) and both Senators in April of 2010 after Citizens United. Of both parties, only Alan Grayson and Alcee Hastings were interested in our request about getting 100% Public Funding Only for All Elections. We have a Facebook page called “Greens Go To Washington: for a People’s Lobby” that describes our effort and also “Greens Vs Greed”. The Green Party is the only party that I know of that does NOT take PAC and corporate donations. The 2 major parties have sold out, as you know. Also, are you familiar with Move to Amend which is a national movement that works locally to amend the Constitution to say that: corporations are not people and money is not speech? Thanks for doing what you did.

  200. Looking forward to meeting and working with Doug. We are on the same page! :-)

    “The wiseman said it couldn’t be done. Then the fool came and did it”. Unknown

  201. Thanks Doug for what you did to bring attention to the money problems in our elections. Your web site is good and I have sent it on to many others. I read in the Tampa Bay Times that your local lawyer is Paul Carr. He did a good job for our family 27 years ago and I hope he is succesful for you. We sent a few bucks to help.

  202. You did what anyone with an IQ above 100 (and who cares about future generations) should have done. We need to run a literary contest on the pros or cons of campaign contributions in all junior and high schools within 100 miles of Pennsylvania Ave. Part of the paper will be to “figure-out” how to solve the problem of campaign finance. My bet is that some student will come up with the solution to have every student march to Capitol Hill and not budge until laws are changed – I could see a Pied Piper effect here as students march toward DC. Count me in!

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